How to download my Sears Item Class ID's and upload this ID in bulk?

To successfully list a product on Sears through ecomdash, you will be required to categorize your products in a Sears Item Class. To download the full list of Item Class IDs following these steps in the Sears Seller Portal:

  1. Log into your Sears Seller Portal
  2. Navigate to your Products > Create view and select the Bulk option.
  3. Under Step 1, select the Download Item Class Commissions button. This will download an Excel spreadsheet containing all of the Sears Item Classes.
  4. In the resulting spreadsheet find the Item Classes that match your products and note value in the first column Content Item Class Id. This ID number is the value you will need to reference on your upload into ecomdash 
  5. You can assign the Item Class ID to each of your inventory items by SKU number in ecomdash

Once you have a .CSV file with SKU number and your item class ID's assigned to your SKU's you can now bulk upload this file into ecomdash. To bulk upload the Item Class ID for your products:

Navigate to Administration -> Inventory Import/Export formats
Create a new format by clicking the action dropdown and choose 'Add new format' 
Choose the storefront dropdown to be: Sears
Add the product field: SKU number
Add the attribute field: Item Class
Click save

To upload your .CSV file: 

Click the quick links (with the lightning bolt) and choose 'Upload Inventory'
Choose the file you just created
Choose to 'Overwrite existing product details'
Click 'Upload' 


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