How To Setup Email Marketing and Alerts with Mandrill Integration

To setup your Mandrill account which is needed for the email marketing and email alerts features within ecomdash you can:

1. Sign up for a Mandrill email account if you do not have an account. Navigate to

2. Setup Mandrill in ecomdash by navigating to Administration -  ‘App Store’ and select the 'Mandrill' app. Subscribe to the free app and then Launch it.Administration-settings-tools.JPG

3. Login to your Mandrill email account and click on the SMTP & API Credentials link (in the sub-menu under the gear)

4. Verify that you have an API key generated for your account. If you do not have an API key, click on the green ‘+New API key button’

5. Copy and paste the generated API Key from your Mandrill account into the Mandrill API User Key in ecomdash


6. Click ‘Save’


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