How are Shopify Tags handled in ecomdash?

In ecomdash, you can add Shopify tags for your products that you want listed to Shopify. These tags will need to be separated by commas (,) in our system before creating the listing. 

If you navigate to Inventory -> Inventory Management -> Click on the binoculars icon for a product -> Choose the 'Listing Attributes' tab -> Choose 'Shopify' from the storefront dropdown, you will see the Shopify Tags field under the optional attributes. 


If you would like to upload Shopify Tags in bulk:

In ecomdash under Administration -> import/export formats, you will create a import format, choose Shopify from the storefront dropdown and add 'SKU number' and 'Shopify Tags' as attributes in your format.

You will then create .CSV file on your computer with SKU number and Shopify Tags. The tags will need to be separated with commas in your spreadsheet and make sure when you save your excel file to choose '.CSV comma delimited'.

To upload your file to set your Shopify Tags, click the action dropdown with the lightning bolt icon and choose 'Upload Inventory'. Choose the file we just created and choose to 'overwrite existing product details with file' and click upload. 

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