Creating a Purchase Order

Create a new purchase order

  • A new purchase order can be created by clicking the Action button with the dashboard icon
  • Click the new 'Add New Purchase Order' button

  • This will bring you to the Purchase Order screen 
  • Fill in the required fields
  • Click on the 'add products' button to add products to the purchase order
  • There are options to submit, email, print, and cancel the purchase order located at the top of the page

  • Once you have added the products for the purchase order, you can edit the cost and reorder quantity

Submitting Purchase Order

  • Click the 'Save' button 
  • Hit the 'Submit Purchase Order' button to submit the order
  • Once you have submitted an order, a new tab will appear called Receipt of Goods
  • You can track the carrier, tracking ID number, estimated delivery date, and actual date of delivery
  • You can also track how many of each product ordered was received

Other Tips: 

  • Landed Cost is the total cost for a particular unit that includes shipping and sales tax
  • ecomdash will automatically calculate the order total
  • You can also create purchase orders straight from the Low Inventory section in the Inventory Management module. Your low inventory products are automatically placed into the Low Inventory section, and you can create a purchase order for those specific products by selecting them via the check boxes, and clicking on the New Purchase Order button. 
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