What is included in the reporting module?

If you navigate to Reports - Generate Reports, you will have access to all reports offered by ecomdash.

You will then see a category dropdown menu.

Below are all categories offered and reports within these categories:


o Inventory- Cost of Goods Sold (Summary)
Inventory- Cost of Goods Sold (Detailed) 
Inventory Valuation
State Tax Information
Per Order Profit Margins
Quarterly Sales Revenue 
EOY Profit
EOY Inventory


Invoices Outstanding by Supplier
Invoices Paid by Supplier
Order Status Summary
Invoices Paid by Supplier
Products Orders Export
PO Receipt of Goods Detailed 
Restock Forecast


Product Costing
Kit Component 
FBA Inventory Movement 
Inventory Pick List
New Inventory
Inventory Audit 
New Low Inventory
Movement Detail 
Current Activity View


Sales Order by Status
Sales Order by Storefront
Sales Trend
Sales Within Date Range
Stale Inventory Sales
Top Selling Items
Customer Information 
Stale Inventory Sales
Sales Cancelled 
Sales Analysis
Sales Order Export 


Order Shipment Details
Outstanding Unshipped Orders 

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