How do I add Magento storefront?

To add a Magento storefront, navigate to Administration -> Storefronts tab -> Add Storefront. Once you click “add a storefront” you will want to give your storefront a name and choose whether or not it is online or physical. Under the Ecommerce platform, you will choose Magento. To integrate Magento as a storefront:


  1. Enter your online Magento store URL in the ‘Location (URL)’ field and click ‘Save’.
  2. Log into your online store’s administration module and navigate to System-> Web services -> Roles.
  3. Click on ‘Add New Role’ and enter ‘ecomdash’ as the role name. Then click on ‘Save Role’.
  4. For the new ‘ecomdash role’, click on the ‘Role Resources’ link on the left. Change the ‘Resource Access’ to ‘All’. Then click on ‘Save Role’.
  5. Navigate to System -> Web services -> Users
  6. Click on ‘Add New User’ and enter the required fields. Then click ‘Save User’.
  7. On the ‘User Information’ screen for the user just created, click on ‘User Role’.
  8. Select the role created in step “c” and click on ‘Save User’.
  9. Now enter the ‘Cart User name’ and ‘API Key’ created in step “f” above and click on ‘Save’.
  10. If you only have 1 store in Magento, it will be auto-selected for you. If you have more than 1, you will need to select the store for this Storefront and click on ‘Save’.
  11. **FOR MANGENTO COMMUNITY EDITION ONLY** You will need to modify a file on your installation before ecomdash will connect to your store.
  • Find this file: [your magento install location]\app\code\core\Mage\Api\Model\Server\V2\Adapter\Soap.php.
  • Replace this line: ->setHeader('Content-Type','text/xml; charset='.$apiConfigCharset)
  • With this line: ->setHeader('Content-Type','text/xml; charset='.$apiConfigCharset, true)
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