The ASIN format has been added to our ecomdash account, What is next?

In order to create a listing on Amazon, you will need to enter the ASIN or UPC for your product. Ecomdash makes you a seller of an already existing listing on Amazon. If your products are new to the Amazon catalog, please contact ecomdash support with a specific category and we would be happy to add an export format to your account based on the category you provide. 

We will contact you when the export format has been added to your ecomdash account and below are the next steps in getting your ASIN created on Amazon. 

o Next you will export the inventory you want the ASIN created for via the export we just created for you. Navigate to Inventory -> Inventory Management and choose the products you would like to export. Click the action dropdown and choose 'Export inventory' and choose the format we inserted in your account.
o Once you have the file, you will than navigate here. Find your specific category in the 'Inventory File Template' column and download that file. (This will be your main file that you will upload into Amazon to create the ASIN's) 
o You will than copy the columns over from the file you downloaded from ecomdash to the file Amazon is providing you.
o There are detailed instructions on the instruction tab on the excel file that gives instructions and definitions. Once the information is copied over into your file, this is your inventory file that you will upload via the Upload Products & Inventory tool in your seller account. Navigate to Seller Central -> Inventory -> Add products via upload.

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