How to update custom label field in eBay in bulk based on Amazon SKUs

  1. The first step in updating your custom label field in eBay based on your Amazon SKU's is to download an eBay file of your active listings. Navigate to your eBay account -> click ‘My eBay’ -> scroll down and you will see a ‘Seller Tools’ section on the left hand side of your screen -> Click ‘File Management Center’

Once there, to download this file, Click ' Create Download Request' on the right hand side of your screen under the section ‘Downloads’

  1. The next step in this process is to download your active listings from your Amazon seller central. In seller central click ‘Inventory’ -> Inventory Reports -> choose ‘Active Listings Report’
  2. Once you have the files from Amazon and eBay, you will then copy the SKU # you have set for Amazon and paste that SKU # on the eBay custom label column on your eBay file.
  3. The last step is to upload the eBay file back into the eBay exchange site by clicking ‘upload file'. This will set your Amazon SKU# as the custom label in eBay!
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