How do I import my Etsy listings?

Etsy does not allow sellers to set a SKU # on a listing. Because of this limitation, ecomdash uses the Listing ID from Etsy as the SKU #. You can use the Download Etsy Shop Listings feature to get a CSV file that contains the full list of your listings by clicking the download Etsy shop listings link under the shop name in ecomdash.

1. Download the Etsy Shop Listings by clicking on the link below the shop name.

2. Open the downloaded CSV and add a column to the beginning of each row and put in the Product's SKU # that matches the listing.

3. Navigate to Administration / Inventory Import/Export Formats and create a new Import Format named 'Etsy Product Listing Update'.

4. On the 'Etsy Product Listing Update' import format, choose the Etsy storefront and click 'Save'. Then add 2 fields: SKU Number as column 1 and Reference ID as column 2.

5. Navigate to Inventory / Upload Inventory. Choose the new 'Etsy Product Listing Update' format, find the modified file from step 2 and choose the 'Override existing product details with file' option. Then click on 'Upload'.

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