Uploading Sales Orders

Uploading Sales Order

1. Set up Manual Sales Order Upload

For storefronts that are not integrated with ecomdash already, you have the ability to upload your sales orders into our system. 

If your storefront provides a report for your sale order, check the box enabled a tab to setup your sales order upload format. 

  • Once your storefront is created
  • Check 'Enable Manual Order Upload' and click 'Save'

  • Once you click 'Save', a 'Order Upload Format' tab will appear

2. Create Sales Order Upload Format

  • Choose sales order fields by clicking the drop-down menu
  • Click 'Add Field' to add a field to your format
  • Match each column in the file you are uploading exactly
  • If your file reads (Customer Name, Bill to State, Bill to City), the attributes adding in your format should read 

3. Upload Sales Order File

  • Navigate to Quick Links (Lighting bolt) 
  • Choose 'Upload Sales Order'
  • Choose the 'Storefront' and select your Sale Order .CSV file that is ready to be uploaded


Other Tips:

  • To set up an automatic import manual sales order integration, select the 'Enable Manual Import Sales Order File Integration' checkbox under Administration - Storefronts - Choose your Storefront - Order upload format tab.
  • Set the integration interval to set how often you want ecomdash to look for a new file to import
  • Enter the FTP connection information and click 'Save'

  • You can navigate to Orders - Import Orders History to monitor automated imports. 


Click here to view updated FAQ for uploading sales orders in ecomdash. 



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