Shipping Order Management

Shipping Management Setup

Once you have added your storefront integrations within the Administration module and you have loaded in your inventory you are ready to setup the shipping module.

1. Add Your Shipping Integrations 

  • Navigate to Administration - Shippers
  • Click the action drop down and choose 'Add New'
  • Setup your shipping accounts
  • Click on the Options Tab within your Shipping integration
  • Define Global Defaults for Package Type, Confirmations and Box Dimensions

2. Configure Printer Settings

  • Navigate to Administration - Settings and click on the Shipping Tab
  • Define the Label and Printer Settings that you would like to use for your Packing Slips and Shipping Labels
  • Update the Default Shipper drop-down to be your newly added integration


The Paid - Ready to Ship module is where you will be able to select an order that you are wanting to ship, and you can create the shipping order here. 

You will then want to navigate to the Unshipped Orders page to complete all of the required fields for a label price to be returned. 

Once the label is generated you will be navigated to the Shipping Label History screen to print the PDF. Once the label was generated, ecomdash moved the order to shipped and posted the tracking information back on the sales channel. 

More information on the Shipping Order work flow 



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