Upload Inventory: What happens if the SKU# matches existing inventory?

On the upload inventory screen under the, 'If the SKU matches existing inventory you want ecomdash to:

o Perform no action: most commonly used when uploading new products within ecomdash. 

o Overwrite existing product details: most commonly used when adding more information to SKU numbers already in ecomdash. 

o Increase existing product quantity with file: most commonly used when adding more quantity to your products using the file. For example: if you have a quantity of 10 in ecomdash and you want to add 5 more using your file, you will choose to increase product quantity. This will then change the quantity in ecomdash to be 15. 

Create new product if SKU does not match: If you have this checkbox checked, we will create a new product if we do not make a match on a SKU in ecomdash. If you do not want to add new products and just add more information to your products, we suggest making sure this checkbox is not checked. 


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