How to update or add products in bulk by .csv file upload?

To update or add products in bulk through a .CSV upload. 

1. Navigate to Administration -> Inventory Import/Export Formats.
2. Select Add New Format for an inventory export format.
3. Click 'Add New format' and create a name for your export format.
4. Add the fields you would like to update or add in bulk. 
5. Once the export file is created, click 'Copy' and choose 'create import'. This will copy your export format to be an import format.
6. Navigate to 'Inventory' -> 'Inventory Management'
7. Click 'Export inventory' and choose the format you created. Add the products by using the check boxes on the left of the screen. Click 'Export'.
8. Click 'Download File', update the quantity on hand through the .CSV file.
9. Update the products with the correct quantity on hand.
10. Upload the updated file back into ecomdash using a inventory import by navigating to Quick Links - Upload Inventory.
11. *If you are update your products you will choose the 'Overwrite Existing Product Details with File' option

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