How do I upload a .csv inventory file?

Once your .csv inventory file is built out with the attributes you would like to import into ecomdash, follow the below instructions:

  1. Navigate to Administration -> Inventory Import/Export Formats.
  2. Select Add New Format for an inventory import format.
  3. Name the Format.
  4. Select from the product field dropdown list the attributes that are in your file in the exact order. For example, if your file contains columns for SKU Number, Name, and Quantity on Hand, the inventory import file will contain the product fields for SKU Number, Name, and Quantity on Hand in the same order. The format must mirror the .csv file that is being uploaded exactly so that the attributes about your products are mapped to the right field within ecomdash.
  5. Once the format matches the file you wish to upload, navigate to Quick Links found on the left hand side of your profile 


  1. Select the option for Upload Inventory
  2. Select the format that you just created, the file, and set the matching SKU action appropriately for the file you are trying to upload.Capture.PNG
    1. o The first is perform no action which is used to add new products to ecomdash.
    2. o The second is to overwrite existing product details with file which will overwrite the data that is stored in ecomdash with the data that is in the file that is being uploaded. Only the attributes in the file that is being uploaded will change. Other data stored in ecomdash will remain the same.
    3. o The third matching SKU action is to increase existing product quantity with file, which will add the quantity in the .csv file to the existing quantity on hand for that product in ecomdash.
    1. o There are three matching SKU actions to choose from in the upload inventory process.
  3. Once you have selected the matching SKU action, click the Upload button to upload the .csv inventory file.
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