How do I add Amazon US storefront?

To add an Amazon storefront, navigate to Administration -> Storefronts tab -> Add Storefront. Once you click “add a storefront” you will want to give your storefront a name and choose whether or not it is online or physical. Under the 'ecommerce platform', you will choose Amazon. Amazon requires a Seller ID, Marketplace id, and MWS Auth Token to be added as a storefront. Follow the steps below to get the Seller ID, Marketplace ID, and MWS Auth Token:

  1. Navigate to and click on “Sign up for MWS”
  2. Enter your Amazon seller account username and password and click “Sign in”
  3. Select the 3rd option: I want to give a developer access to my Amazon seller account with MWS
  4. Enter the Developer Name: ecomdash and Developer account number: 3760-0602-3565
  5. Click Submit and copy the Merchant ID, Marketplace ID and the MWS Auth Token and enter them in ecomdash.
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