2.15.4 Release Notes - January 27th, 2015

The following enhancements were made to ecomdash in the 2.15.4 release:

  • Show progress immediately when user starts inventory upload
  • Add SKU to sales order details report
  • Update inventory report to account for sales of the components that are tied to kits
  • Add moving average cost/landed cost as an attribute
  • Combine kits and components of kits into one line item on the pick list
  • Differentiate between expedited and second day shipping for Amazon
  • Ability to mark all line items of a purchase order as received
  • Set always use available quantity via .csv upload
  • Add indicator at product level called supplier out of stock
  • Remove available quantity checkbox at storefront level
  • Add option for Gift for international shipping
  • Create output to do physical inventory count
  • Separate comments to show both gift messages and product custom attributes
  • Break out cost of goods sold by sales channel on 2 reports
  • Allow users to set storefront name on packing slip
  • Set kit shipping weight based on the weight of the components
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