How to Create a Sales Order

Navigate to ecomdash Quick Links (The round logo to the left of "Restock") & select "Create Sales Order"

Marketplace Order #, Payment Date, Storefront and Delivery Method are required fields.

Use "Add Products" to add line items to the Sales Order.

Once your products have been added, be sure to "Save" in the upper or lower right hand corner.

Enter Billing information in by selecting the Billing Tab, Click "Save"

Enter Shipping information by selecting the Shipping Tab, Click Save. Check the "Shipping Address Same as Billing?" option to copy information from the Billing Tab.

If you have added any Custom Order fields, navigate to the Custom Fields Tab to add that information. Click "Save"

The Shipping Orders tab will contain information associated with the shipping orders for this sales order. Information will populate here once a shipping order has been created.

Once this Sales Order is created, you can find the order under Orders > Awaiting Payment Orders

Once you receive payment for the order, click "Mark Payment Received" to move the order to "Paid - Ready to Ship" Status.

Navigate to Orders > Paid - Ready to Ship. Here, you can "Create Shipping Orders" and Print an Invoice, Pick List, and/or Packing Slip.

Once the Sales Order has been shipped, use "Order Status" to set the status to "Complete".



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