How do I turn on Auto Sync Inventory for my company?

  1. To turn on the Auto Sync functionality, navigate to Administration -> Settings -> Inventory tab. Select the checkbox to Auto Sync Inventory. Click save.
  2. Turning on this setting will give you access to three buttons on the Inventory -> Inventory Management screen.
  3. These buttons are Sync Inventory, Turn On Auto Sync, Turn Off Auto Sync. Selecting this checkbox will not turn auto sync on for your products.
  4. You will now need to navigate to Inventory -> Inventory Management and select the checkbox(es) for the product(s) that you wish to turn on Auto Sync.
  5. Next, click the “Turn On Auto Sync” button which is found under the Actions dropown. There will be a blue rectangular icon with two arrows beside the SKU on the Inventory Management screen to indicate that the functionality is turned on for your product.

****You will not be able to sync inventory balances if Auto Sync is not turned on for your product.

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