How do I create listings in bulk?

  1. Go to Listings -> Unlisted Products and filter to display products not listed in by the storefront that you would like to create the listing for. To set list as many products as possible, set the "Show Entries" dropdown to 100.
  2. This will bring up a list of all the products that currently do not have an active listing on the selected sales channel. Select the check boxes for the products you would like to create listings for. To select all products, check the box in the upper left corner of the table. Click the queue listings button under the actions drop-down. If you are creating more than 100 listings, you will need to repeat this step on each page of unlisted products.
  3. Now, your selected products have been moved from Unlisted Products to Queued Listings. Navigate to Listings -> Queued Listings and find the products you just queued up to be listed.
  4. From Queued Listings, we recommend selecting your products and using the "Validate Listings" option to confirm the listings meet the requirements of the appropriate storefront. After Validating listings, you will see the status set to "Ready" if the listing is good to go or "Edits Required" if changes need to be made.
    1. If edits are required, click the edits required link to pull up the listing editor for each product, and ecomdash will tell you what edits still need to be made in red in the top left corner of the listing editor before your listings are ready to send off to the sales channel.
  5. Click the "Submit Listings" button to activate your listings. If the listing cannot be created, ecomdash will provide an error message with an explanation. You can view the status of your listings under Support -> Listing History.
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