How do I set up dropshipping in ecomdash?

Go to Administration -> Settings and click on the shipping tab you will see a checkbox at the top to enable dropshipping. Once you check that, you will also see a dropdown to define your rule for dropshipping. The rules are basically to either assume everything in the order gets exported to the warehouse you select OR do we only export items tied to the warehouse you select.

In general dropshipping is broken into 2 parts:

- Inventory: You can go to Administration -> Inventory Import/Export Formats and create an inventory feed so that we can go out to get your supplier catalogue and process it within our system automatically.

- Warehouse: You can go to Administration -> Warehouses and setup a warehouse for each supplier you work with. Within the warehouse setup, you can define the export format that you want us to use to deliver the order information.

  • Create a warehouse for each supplier you plan to setup to dropship. When you create the warehouse, you will see a tab called Export Format. This is where you define what sales order information you want exported out and in what format.
  • At the product level be sure to assign the proper warehouse that you would dropship
  • Once a sales order comes in with a product you want to dropship you will see an export to warehouse action that you can use to pull out the sales order data into the CSV.
  • If you have not turned on dropship management you can do this from Administration -> Settings and then click on the shipping tab

Once you have this setup, the only thing left to do is to tie the warehouses to the products so we know which supplier provides which products which can be done via a CSV upload as well.


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