2.15.0 Release Notes - October 16th, 2014

The following enhancements were made to ecomdash in the 2.15.0 release:

  1. Sears.com integration
  2. Allow eBay to accept listings with weight dimensions and flat rate shipping
  3. Allow for listings to occur that have multiple ASINs assigned to a UPC
  4. Added options for 30 day listing and good til' cancelled for eBay
  5. Manual overrides for price in a manually created sales order
  6. Added a PDF print option for invoices
  7. Added support for reorder levels of 0 on the Low Inventory section
  8. Enhancements to the packing slips
  9. Added icon to indicate that a product is dropshipped on sales order screens
  10. Filter by supplier on Inventory Management screen
  11. Free shipping filter
  12. Added option to choose the SKU or Order # on the shipping label
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