If a listing ends on eBay due to no stock and I add inventory through ecomdash, will the listing become active again?

By using eBay’s out of stock control, you can have your quantity on hand move the listing to out of stock and once you get more inventory for that product in stock and adjust it in ecomdash.

Ecomdash will sync the balance out to eBay and make that listing active again. This can be turned on by going to Administration -> Storefronts and select your eBay storefront.

On the options tab, you will see a checkbox for  eBay’s out of stock control feature. If you only have a quantity on hand of 1 for the product you are trying to turn on Out of Stock control, you will need to sync that product with the sales channel so that it turns on eBay's out of stock control so that when we pull in a sales order for that product the listing is not automatically ended.

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