Changes To Navigation

In an effort to simplify and consolidate our overall navigation, we have moved somethings around to align the setting with the module. As a result, you will notice the following changes to our navigation bar:

Listing Module

Within the Listing module, you we have consolidated the various links into one called "Listing Management" and if you hover over that option, you can still see all of the specific sections:


Within the listing screens now you can navigate to a different area of the module by clicking the tabs located on the top right side of the screen:

Orders Module

This has been organized into two main areas now called Order Management and Shipping Management.  The order management link contains the following:

Once on an order screen, the following tabs are available to help simplify navigation:

The shipping management link now contains the following:

Once on a shipping screen, the following tabs are available to help simplify navigation:

Administration Module

The Administration area has also been updated to better align the settings and functionality within the modules and areas. You will now see the following within Administration:


Within each setting you will locate the following options:

General Settings:

  • Company Information
  • Billing
  • Employees
  • Email Templates

Inventory Settings:

  • Inventory Settings
  • Multi-Warehousing
  • Tagging
  • Custom Attributes
  • Import Formats
  • Export Formats

Listing Settings:

  • Listing Templates
  • Custom Attributes

Order Settings:

  • Cancellation Rules
  • Custom Fields

Supplier Setup

Storefront Setup

Shipper Setup

  • Shipper Integrations
  • Settings
  • Packing Slip Setup

Warehouse Setup

Accounting Setup

App Store


We hope that the updates to the navigation streamlines your use of the system and better organizes the settings and modules to make them easier to locate and utilize.



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