List Variations to Jet

Within ecomdash, you now have the ability to list variations to Here are the steps you will need to follow:

1. Queue your parent product to be listed on (You can do this either within Inventory Management page, or within the Unlisted Products Page). 



2. Once the parent product is in the queued listings, you will click into the listing details (binocular icon) for the parent product 


3. Click the Blue "Submit Listings" button next to each of the child products. 


4. Once the child product has been submitted to be listed, the blue "Submit Listings" button will disappear 


5. You can then check on the status of the listing submission by navigating to Listings-->History-->Listing Submission History 





  • does not have the ability to process parent products, so you will not be listing the parent product to By submitting the listings through the parent product, the child products will be grouped together. 


  • If you submit the child product to be listed through and do not submit the listings through the parent, the child products will not be listed as a variations, and instead the child products will show up as individual (simple) listings on 
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