Sent Fulfilment History

Sent Fulfillment History is used to see how shipping, tracking, and other fulfillment related information is being passed from ecomdash out to your storefronts. This page can be accessed by navigating to Orders > History > Sent Fulfillment History.

This page is a valuable resource for confirming your fulfillment information is being passed to your storefronts correctly. If this information is not being sent to your storefront, a message will be displayed indicating why this did not occur. This information can be used for troubleshooting issues related to fulfillment information not being passed to storefronts.


Common errors to look out for:

  1. - Date not valid: When creating a shipping order, make sure the "Estimated Delivery Date" is at least one day into the future. So if you are inputting tracking on 1/1/2017, the date you enter into the "Estimated Delivery Date" field must be at least 1/2/2017.
  2. - Carrier missing
  3. - Carrier not supported by storefront: For example, Walmart and will not accept Amazon Fulfillment as a carrier and the tracking update will fail.
  4. - Tracking # not entered
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