App Store Overview

Ecomdash App Store

Welcome to the ecomdash App Store! You can locate the App Store under Administration > App Store. Here you will find different apps that you can use to optimize and expand your eCommerce business. Selecting the All Available Apps tab will show you the apps we currently have available to you, a brief description of the app, as well as the price if any. For more information on an app you can click the blue "Info" button.


Finding out if an app is right for you:

The info screen will provide helpful information such as;

  • - support contact email
  • - price of the app
  • - info about the app and how it works
  • - links to support documentation/guides
  • - a button to subscribe to the app


Subscribing to an app:

Once you have decided that the app is for you, click the blue Subscribe button. Now that you have subscribed to an app, you can find it on the My Apps tab where you can click Launch to view/edit your settings. 


Unsubscribing to an app:

If you find that an app is no longer something you need, you can find the app in the My Apps page > click the Info button > click the red Unsubscribe button > you will be prompted to confirm that you want to unsubscribe > once complete, you will no longer see this app on the My Apps page.


App fee structure:

The various apps within the app store each have their own fee associated with them and are billed to you as follows;

  • - Free: You will not be charged for this app.
  • - One-time Payment: You will be charged for this app the moment you subscribe.
  • - Recurring Payment: The charge for this app will be applied to your monthly bill.


Be sure to keep an eye on the App Store as we will be adding new apps frequently!


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