"No products found on 3dCart Storefront"

  • This error is returned if ecomdash was not able to find the product’s SKU on your 3dCart storefront. To ensure we are able to sync correctly with your storefront, follow the steps below.
    • 1. Navigate to Inventory Management
    • 2. Click the binoculars next to the SKU in question
    • 3. Click the Storefronts tab in the top right
    • 4. Ensure the Reference ID in the 3dCart row matches the SKU on 3dCart exactly
      • A) If it does match, please send a ticket to support@ecomdash.com with the error you received, the SKU, a screenshot of the Ref ID in ecomdash and a screenshot of the matching product and SKU on 3dCart.
      • B) If it does not match, please change the Ref ID in ecomdash to match the SKU in 3dCart exactly.
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