"The following rows did not create new products because the "Create new product if SKU does not match checkbox was not checked" and the skunumber was not found..."

This error may appear when uploading your inventory .csv file if you have SKU's on the file that are not already in your ecomdash inventory and you did not check the box telling us to "Create new product if SKU does not match". If you want to keep us from importing these products that are not already in your inventory, leave things as they are and ignore the error. (Note: this is very useful if you are importing inventory files from a supplier for whom you do not sell all their products, only select products.)


If you do want ecomdash to import the new SKU's and create them as products in your inventory, hover over the Dashboard icon > select Upload Inventory > choose the file again > choose your import format > set the "if SKU matches" drop down > check the box to "Create new product if SKU does not match". 

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