"BigCommerce - Error: Invalid credentials. Please ensure you have entered your API Username and Token correctly. "

  • This error may appear if your storefront has not been integrated correctly. To ensure your storefront is integrated correctly, follow the steps below
    • 1. Navigate to Administration > Storefronts
    • 2. Click the binoculars next to your BigCommerce storefront
    • 3. Review the fields on that page as well as the integration steps to ensure everything is filled out correctly.
    • 4. If the steps have been followed exactly and you have confirmed the information in the fields provided correctly matches up with your storefront, navigate to Inventory > Inventory Management > select the SKU in question > click Sync Actions > Sync Now.
    • 5. Navigate to Inventory > History > Inventory Sync History where you should see a successful sync message. If you still see the error, please send a ticket to support@ecomdash.com with the error you received, the SKU, and a screenshot of the storefront details page (Admin > Storefronts > click the binoculars next to the storefront).
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