FBA Internal Transfers

Internal Transfers

When you create an internal transfer in ecomdash to send more products to the FBA warehouse, as soon as your mark it as "in Transit", ecomdash will notify the FBA warehouse so they are aware of the order and we will provide all labels needed to package your order. Whenever FBA receives it, we will auto complete the internal transfer and mark it as complete in our system.

To Create an internal transfer

1. Navigate to Restock Inventory - Internal Transfers

2. Click 'Add New'

3. Select your Origination Warehouse and then select your Destination Warehouse (FBA) from the drop down warehouse menus 

4. Click the green Add Products button to add products that you would like to send to your destination warehouse. 

- You can expand your results to show up to 100 entries at a time.

- Click the green + button to begin adding products to this internal transfer and then click clise

5. In the Transfer Qty column, you will enter the quantities that you would like to transfer to the FBA warehouse.

6. Click 'Save'

7. Click the 'Mark in Transit' button

8. Click the FBA Inbound Shipments tab to get your FBA Inbound Shipment label.

9. Ship your items to FBA!


Once FBA receives the the shipment, the internal transfer will auto complete within ecomdash to adjust the inventory within your account. 

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