Listing Tool Updates 8/30/2017

Today's update to ecomdash contains some significant improvements to the Listing Attributes section of the listing tool. These changes will reduce the number of actions required to update listing information for all of your storefronts and create a more streamlined listing experience. Here's a guide explaining the changes so you can get up and running as fast as possible.

In the past, to set listing attributes for your products, you would navigate to Inventory Management > Listing Tab > and select Listing Attributes on a screen that looks like this:

Now, when you navigate to Inventory Management > Listing Tab, you'll see this screen:

To set your listing attributes, select the appropriate storefront from the Listing Attributes dropdown, then click "Go". You'll see this screen open in a new tab in your browser:

Here, you can set all of your listing attributes for your selected storefront. Once you've completed your setup, click the "Save Attributes" button at the bottom of the screen. Now, you can immediately queue the changes by clicking "Queue Listing" in the upper right corner. After saving and queuing your changes, you can either close the tab to return to the product details window, or, select another storefront from the dropdown in the upper left corner to continue editing attributes.

Once you have made changes to all of your storefronts, you can navigate directly to Listings > Queued Listings to proceed with the listing validation and submission process as normal.

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