Step 1: Setting up your Pricefalls storefront

Pricefalls Storefront Setup


NOTE: We have released a free app within our App Store that is pre-built to import orders and push quantities to Pricefalls. All you need to do is go to Administration > App Store > All Available Apps tab> locate the Pricefalls app and click Info > click the Subscribe button. You can now find the app in the My Apps tab where you can launch it and input the FTP site provided to you by Pricefalls so that we can communicate with them.

ecomdash supports the ability to connect to storefronts we do not have pre-built integration for. Due to the nature of these connections, each non-integrated storefront may support different levels of functionality.

To add a non-integrated storefront:

1. Login to your ecomdash account

2. Click on Administration and then Storefronts

3. Click Add New

4. Select Other from the Ecommerce Platform dropdown, enter the Storefront Name and Type. Shopping Cart URL is optional

5. Click "Save"

6. Check the box next to Setup non-integrated storefront

7. Click "Save"

8. Navigate to the Order Import tab, check the box next to "Enable Order Automation", enter your FTP credentials for Add Fields to your order import format. You will need to confirm with Pricefalls what Inbound URL, Username, and Password needs to be used. 

9. Click "Save"

10. Navigate to the Tracking Export Tab, check the box next to Enable Automated Export and enter the credentials for the outbound communication from ecomdash. Use the "Add Field" button to define your export format.

11. Add the attributes that your storefront will need to receive tracking information from ecomdash by clicking the blue "Add Attribute" button. You will need to confirm with the Pricefalls what information they need. 

12. Click the blue "Save" button

13. Your Pricefalls Storefront is now set up.

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