Step 2: Sending inventory levels to Groupon

Below is a step-by-step guide for creating a inventory export feed to send your quantities to Groupon via an FTP site


1. Add an Export Inventory Format

• Go to Administration - > Inventory Import/Export.

• Click on the action dropdown and choose ‘Add New Format’ above the ‘Export Inventory Formats’.

• Create a name for this format and click ‘Add’.

• Choose a storefront that this format will be tied to.

• Click the ‘Enable Inventory File Integration’ checkbox

• Choose an integration interval time which tells ecomdash how often to look for new files.

• Choose a text file delimiter and choose the integration type.

• Input the ‘Outbound URL’, ‘Outbound Username’ and ‘Outbound Password’. You may need to contact Groupon to get the FTP information


2. Create an Inventory Export Format

• Using the ‘Product Field’ and ‘Attribute Field’ drop down menus, add fields that match your .CSV file that you want exported out of ecomdash. You may need to contact Groupon to find out which attributes they require.


Other Tips:

• Click the ‘Red X’ to delete attributes from an inventory format

• You can navigate to Support -> Inventory Export History to monitor the automated exports

• If you do not have a FTP solution for ecomdash to export files to, please contact support

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