"Error: Shipping policy is required."

In order to list on eBay, you will need to set up your eBay business policies, which include a Shipping, Return, and Payment policy. Here is a link to opt in to the business policies; http://www.bizpolicy.ebay.com/businesspolicy/policyoptin 

Once you have set up your Shipping Policy, you will need to set the polices for the products. Here are the steps to adding a Shipping Policy: 

  1. Navigate to Administration --> Storefronts --> eBay
  2. Click the "Listing Settings" tab
  3. Set your different policy ID's. Remember that each policy should have an ID that is unique to that policy. 
  4. Navigate to Inventory-->Inventory Management
  5. Click into the product details (binocular icon)
  6. Click on the "Listing Attribute" tab --> From the dropdown menu, choose your eBay storefront 
  7. In the "Optional Listing Attribute" section, click the blue "Add Attribute" button 
  8. Choose "Shipping Business Policy ID"
  9. Add the Shipping Policy ID. 
  10. Click "Save"

Once you had added the Shipping Policy, you can then list the product(s) to your eBay storefront. 

**Remember, you can also upload the policy ID's in bulk through a .csv file upload**


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