How to Create a Variation Listing

Variation listings are used to list products available in multiple configurations, such as a shirt that is available in multiple sizes and colors. A variation listing has two main components: a parent product and child products. The parent product serves as the primary listing and connecting point between all of the child products. Child products are all the variations available for purchase. Before you begin creating a variation listing, there are a few questions you should consider:

How many Variation Attributes will the product have? Ex. Size, Color, Length, Connector Type, etc.

How many choices will a customer be able to make for each variation? Ex. For Color: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Black, Grey, etc. 

Creating a variation listing is a four step process:

  1. Create your Child Products
  2. Create your Variation Attributes
  3. Create a Parent Product
  4. List the Parent Product


You can use up to three variation attributes for for each variation listing.

List all possible sell-able combinations of the item before creating the products in ecomdash to avoid missing any combinations. 

Decide on a format for your sku's that can accommodate each variation before beginning. Ex. SKU# TSHIRT1-bl-m-ls where TSHIRT1 specifies the design, bl specifies color, m specifies size, and ls specifies sleeve length.

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