"Error Message: A shipping_template_id is required"

A shipping template template, or a Etsy shipping profile, is used to set a listing's shipping information. This is a required attribute to list on Etsy. To find your Etsy shipping profile: 

  • Navigate to your Etsy storefront. 
  • Choose "Your Shop"
  • Choose your Listings, and then click "Shipping Profile"
  • Create your Shipping Profile 
    • *In order to list from ecomdash, a shipping profile cannot be calculated*

Once you have created your shipping profile, in your ecomdash account: 

  • Navigate to inventory-->inventory management
  • Click into the product SKU using the binocular icon
  • In the "Listings" tab, select "Listing Attributes", and choose Etsy as your storefront
  • Enter the shipping profile name within the attribute "Etsy Shipping Profile" 

After you have added a shipping profile, you will be able to continue listing your product. 

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