"Error: Invalid category., Details: The category selected is not a leaf category"

Within eBay, there are "tree" categories, and "leaf" categories. The "tree" category is the main category, and the "leaf" category is the sub-category. 

  • For example, the "tree" category: "Books"Screen_Shot_2017-07-21_at_7.16.37_PM.png 
  • The "leaf" category: Audiobooks, Children & Young Adults, Cookbooks, Fiction & Literature...etc. Screen_Shot_2017-07-21_at_7.17.44_PM.png


When you are list an item, make sure that you have chosen a "leaf" category, and not a "tree" category. Once you have selected the proper category, click the blue "Save" button. Navigate back to Queued Listings, and click the blue "Submit Listings" button. 

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