Listing Management

The one major difference between ecomdash and most listing tools is that ecomdash starts with the inventory. As an inventory management software package, we believe everything starts with the product data. So to list within ecomdash you need to add your product, describe your product, provide images if applicable of your product and then comes the listing piece.

Managing Products

Within a product detail screen, by clicking the binoculars icon, you will see a Listing tab. 

When you click on the Listing tab you will see a Listings Attributes section, containing dropdown menu of all of your integrated storefronts. By clicking on the blue "Go" button, you can fill out the listing attributes for that specific sales channel. You will also see a Global Listing Attributes section. If filled out, these fields will be filled out by default. This will cut down data entry as you would only need to fill in the values 1 time and they would be applied as you queue up listings.




Queue Listings 

Once you have your products within ecomdash that you want to list, you can queue up your listings to be sent on to your sales channels.

When you take the queue listing action, it will queue up a listing where ecomdash will apply the sales channel edits for you and give you a chance to preview the listing before submitting it. The queued listings screen is located within the Listing section. After you have queued up a product to be listed, you will see that it may be in queued status. 

If you click on the queued status from the filter, you can select all of the listings and click on the validate button. This will perform the check on your listings to ensure you have all of the required fields added.



Once the validation completes, your listings will now be in an Edits Required Status or Ready Status. A status of Edits Required means additional information will need to be filled out before the listing can be submitted. Click on Edits Required link to see what information will need to be filled out. 


Submit Your Listings

Once your Queued Listings are in a Ready Status, you will then click the check box beside the products and click 'Submit Listings.'


After you submit a listing, you should see the listing on your sales channel after the process has completed. To check on the status, you can go to Support, and then Listing Submission History.

If the listing was not successful, you would see the message in that section to explain why the sales channel did not accept the listing. You can go back to Queued Listings and you will see that listing back on the screen with a status of Ready (Failed To List). You can make the required updates, and resubmit the listing.




Current Listings

To see your current listings, you can go to Listings, and then Active Listings. From there you can filter your listings by sales channel and search on products to see the corresponding listings.

This screen displays your listings based on the last time you downloaded your listings. To get a fresh copy of your listings, you can go to Active Listings and click on the Download Listings button which will import a new batch of your active listings.


Within the Active Listing screen, you can submit price adjustments and if you click on the listing detail you can update additional attributes on the live listing and submit the revision.

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