Dropship Management


Part 1: Order Management

1. Setup a warehouse

  • Navigate to Administration - Warehouses
  • Click the action drop-down, 'Add Warehouse' to add your warehouse
  • Enter warehouse details

2. Setup Warehouse Integration

  • Click 'Enable Warehouse Integration'
  • Choose the 'Integration Interval' and 'Integration Type'
  • Integration types available: Email, FTP-External, FTP-hosted by ecomdash
  • Enter in the corresponding outbound information
  • Tip: the URL for FTP setup should b pointed to the folder in the file it is in.

3. Create Export/Import Format for Orders

  • Navigate to the Export Format/Import Format tab
  • To set up the order Export Format for sales orders, select the 'Sales Order Field' and click 'Add Field' to add attributes to your format
  • Add fields in correct column order of the file
  • To setup the fulfillment import format, select from the 'Fulfillment Data Field' on the Import Format tab
  • Click on 'Add Field' to add fields to your format
  • Tip: ecomdash ID is required for both formats

Other Tips: 

  • ecomdash assumes that the import file contains a header row and will start processing line #2.
  • If you need to move a field up or down, you can click the arrows in the far right column of the table
  • To remove, click the red 'x' to remove attributes. 
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