How do I add my Walmart Storefront?

ecomdash supports inventory, order and listing management for your Walmart Sales Channel.


To add your Walmart sales channel within ecomdash,

1. Login to your ecomdash account

2. Navigate to Administration -> Storefronts


3. Select Add New action and you will be brought to the new storefront integration page

4. Select Walmart as the platform and then click the save button


5. Your credentials are generated in the Walmart Seller Center by going to the top of your page and clicking on the gear icon. Then, from the General Settings menu, select Consumer IDs & Secret Keys. Be careful when copying and pasting the credentials; if you include any extra characters (including spaces) they will not work.AddStorefront-Walmart2.JPG

6. Default Fulfillment Lag Time: The number of days between when the item is ordered and when it is shipped..

7. Once you have filled in those items click 'Save'. You integration is now complete. 


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