Sales Channel Integration

ecomdash supports inventory, order and listing management for your Sales Channel.


To add your sales channel within ecomdash,

1. Login to your ecomdash account

2. Navigate to Administration > Storefront Setup


3. Click 'Add New' and you will be brought to the new storefront integration page

4. Select as the platform and then click 'Save'


5. Login to the Jet Partner Panel

6. Navigate to the API link on the left menu and click 'Get API Keys' Copy and paste the API User and Secret into ecomdash. AddStorefront-Jet2.JPG

7. Click 'Save'. Your Integration is complete.


Note: If you want to sync quantities for a specific Fulfillment Node only, then enter the ID. Leaving the value blank will tell ecomdash to update all Fulfillment Nodes on with the same quantity.


Common Setup Questions and Tips

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