How do I create a purchase order?

To create a purchase order in ecomdash, navigate to Restock Inventory and choose 'Purchase Orders'. 

1. You will see a blue icon called 'Create Purchase Order' 

2. Click this button which will then bring up a new purchase order screen. 

3. Click the 'add products' button to your purchase order, print the purchase order, cancel and many more actions.

4. You will see a billing and shipping tab to enter more information about your purchase order. 

5. Once products are added, you have the option to enter the cost and re-order quantity of those products. 

6. Click save. 

7. Once saved, you will then choose to 'submit purchase order'. 

8. After it is submitted, you can then choose to email and print the purchase order. If you would like to email this purchase order to your supplier, you will need to have your Mandrill email account setup in ecomdash. 

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