How do I turn on auto import sales order ?

Turn on ‘Auto Import Sales Orders’ at the storefront level

  • Navigate to Administration -> Storefronts
  • Select a storefront and there will be a checkbox to ‘Auto import Sales Orders’ at the bottom of your screen
  • Select the checkbox to auto import sales order and select the time interval of your choice. (Most popular time interval is every 5 minutes)
  • Set the auto import sales order function for every storefront that you have setup within ecomdash


Manually Import Sales Orders

  • Click the Action dropdown at the top left of your screen (you will see a lightning bolt next to Actions)
  • Choose ‘Import Sales Orders’
  • Select the storefronts you would like to manually import sales orders from
  • Click ‘Import Orders’
  • You will be directed to the import orders history module within ecomdash
  • View the status and message of your import here
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