How to setup your AppEagle integration for Repricing

If you are using ecomdash and AppEagle and want to setup your integration here are the steps to get going:

1. The first setting you will want to enable is under Administration -> Settings -> Click on the 'Tools' tab. Here is where you will enter the FTP url that ecomdash provides to you. If you do not have an FTP created for you, please reach out to ecomdash support and we would be happy to have this created.

2. The next settings will be at the storefront level under Administration -> Storefronts -> click into your storefront and you will see a 'Repricer' tab. Here is where you will enter the Appeagle Marketplace ID for each storefront


3. The last step in setting up Appeagle in ecomdash would be at the product level. If you navigate to inventoryinventory management and click into a product using the binoculars icon you will see a new 'Repricer' tab for your products. Here is where you can enter the min and max values for your products.

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