Purchase Order

Create a new purchase order

  • A new purchase order can be created by clicking the Action button with the lighting bolt icon
  • Click the new 'Add New Purchase Order' button

  • This will bring you to the Purchase Order screen 
  • Fill in the required fields
  • Click on the 'add products' button to add products to the purchase order
  • There are options to submit, email, print, and cancel the purchase order located at the top of the page

  • Once you have added the products for the purchase order, you can edit the cost and reorder quantity

Submitting Purchase Order

  • Click the 'Save' button 
  • Hit the 'Submit Purchase Order' button to submit the order
  • Once you have submitted an order, a new tab will appear called Receipt of Goods
  • You can track the carrier, tracking ID number, estimated delivery date, and actual date of delivery
  • You can also track how many of each product ordered was received

Other Tips: 

  • Landed Cost is the total cost for a particular unit that includes shipping and sales tax
  • ecomdash will automatically calculate the order total
  • you can also create purchase orders straight from the Low Inventory section in the Inventory Management module.
  • Your low inventory products are automatically placed into the Low Inventory section, and you can create a purchase order for those specific products by selecting them via the checkboxes, and clicking on the New Purchase Order button. 
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