How To Create a eBay Fixed Price Listing

To Create your First eBay Fixed Price Listing: 

1. Navigate to 'Inventory' - 'Inventory Management', and click into a product by clicking the binoculars icon next to the image column this will bring you to the product details of your product. 

2. Navigate to the 'Listings' tab, and then click 'Listing Attributes'.

3. From there filter the Storefront drop down to eBay Fixed Price, you will then need to complete the required listing attributes. 

4. Navigate to Listings - Unlisted Products and filter by the eBay Fixed Price drop down.

5. Check the check box beside the products you want to list, and then click the 'Queue Listings' button. 

6. Navigate to Listings - Queued Listings and check the check boxes beside the products to list and click 'Validate Listings' 

7. The listings will come back in a status of 'Ready' or 'Edits Required.' Once the status is ready check the check box beside the product and click 'Create Listings' 

8. To check the status of the listings submission navigate to Listings - History - Listing Submission History. 

9. Once the status is 'Complete' your listing will be on the sales channel! 

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