How do I create a purchase order?

  1. Go to Restock Inventory -> All Purchase Orders or Open Purchase Orders can be used to begin a new purchase order.
  2. Select "Create Purchase Order" under the actions drop-down at the top of the screen. A new purchase order screen will now appear.
  3. Select the supplier you wish to order more products from.
  4. Click the add products button under the actions drop-down to bring up a list of the products that are tied to that supplier.
  5. Select the + icon next to the product to add the products to your purchase order.
  6. Once you have selected the products, enter the reorder quantity.
  7. Click save once you have added the products you wish to reorder with their corresponding reorder levels.
  8. Click the save button to mark the purchase order as new or click Submit Purchase Order from the actions drop-down to submit.
  9. To email the purchase order to your supplier, click the email button under the actions drop-down at the top of this screen.

 *Another way to begin a purchase order is from Inventory -> Low Inventory and click new purchase order from the actions drop-down.

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