Queue Listings

There are a few different ways to queue up listings


1. Inventory Management: If you know the products you want to list and to which channels, you can select the products from within inventory management and take the queue listing action on that screen to pick which channel you would like to list them to.

2. Listing Management: Within the Listing Section, you will see a screen called Listing Management. From here you will see all of your products, where they are currently listed and based on that, queue up additional listings to ensure your products are where you want them.

3. Unlisted Products: Within the Listing Management Section, you will be able to see which products that you have in stock but not on a specific sales channel. From there you can queue up listings to close the gap.

When you take the queue listing action, it will queue up a listing where ecomdash will apply the sales channel edits for you and give you a chance to preview the listing before submitting it. The queued listings screen is located within the Listing section. After you have queued up a product to be listed, you will see that it may be in queued status. 

If you click on the queued status from the filter, you can select all of the listings and click on the validate button. This will perform the check on your listings to ensure you have all of the required fields added.

Once the validation completes, your listings will now be in a Ready or Edits Required Status.

Edits Required: This status means that you have queued up a product however the listing is missing required fields needed to list the product to the channel you have selected. To fill in the required fields, you can click on the listing using the binoculars from within the queued listing screen. You will see at the top of the listing detail the missing required fields. Once you fill them in, you can save the listing.

Ready: This status means that you have all of the required fields populated to submit the listing to your sales channel. If you would like to preview it or review the data, you can click into the listing detail by clicking the binoculars. When you ready, all you need to do is click the create listing action which will then submit the listing to your sales channel.

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